Right of Access

2          Right of Access
a.The cemetery is open to visiting public from sunrise to sunset. Members of the public are requested to stay on the paths when walking through the Cemetery. The seating on the mound can also be accessed via the footpath.  Members of the public are reminded that access to the Cemetery is permitted in accordance with section 3. Conduct  This does not constitute a right of way.

b. Vehicles allowed:- Cars, motorcycles and cycles for the purpose of attending a funeral or visiting graves or memorials, disabled and electrical/mechanical wheelchairs, cemetery maintenance and associated vehicles (with prior permission), contractors vehicles used in connection with the digging of graves or erection of headstones/memorials. All vehicles must use the official car park provided other than funeral cars executing funeral requirements.

No skateboards, scooters or similar are permitted to be used in the Cemetery.

c. Contractors’ vehicles must not be driven over the grassed area except for the purpose of mowing or other landscaping activities other than for grave digging/filling.

d. Any person, persons or company causing damage shall be responsible for the full cost of repairing any damage so caused.

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