1  General

  1. A person will be eligible for burial in New Road Cemetery provided they are a resident of Melbourn immediately before his/her death or was a resident for a period of at least 3 consecutive years during their lifetime. Exception may be made where the deceased was resident for a period of less than 3 years prior to death but was relocated for the purpose of hospitalisation, nursing or recuperative care.  Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the Clerk to the Burial Board, and if accepted, all fees will be doubled.
  2. Administration of the New Road Cemetery is conducted by Melbourn Parish Council at 30 High Street, Melbourn Community Hub, Cambridgeshire, SG8 6DZ, who shall be solely responsible for the management and upkeep of the cemetery.
  3. The Clerk to Melbourn Parish Council shall be responsible for the day to day management and administration of the cemetery. All queries or communications should be addressed to the Clerk.
  4. The Clerk to the Council shall be solely responsible for the allocation of the plot for either burial or interment. (See 1.j. below)
  5. A plan of the Cemetery showing the position and number of each grave or interment plot is retained by the Clerk to the Council and may be inspected by appointment during Parish Office opening hours.
  6. No grave or interment plot may be reserved or pre-purchased.
  7. Melbourn Parish Council shall be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all grassed areas within the cemetery and shall maintain all trees, hedges, fences, flowers, shrubs, roadways, pathways, entrances, gates, watering provisions and disposal facilities within the cemetery boundaries.
  8. No person or persons shall plant, fell or otherwise alter any trees, shrubs, plants or flowers in any area of the cemetery including the grave areas. (Refer to 7.i).
  9. The Council reserve the right to prune, cut down or remove any tree, shrub, plant or flower planted in contravention of Regulation 1.g.
  10. The Council reserve the right to remove untidy, dead, damaged, dangerous or inappropriate items from anywhere in the cemetery.
  11. New Road Cemetery is laid out as a ‘lawned cemetery. The sections are set out with headstones allowed only at the head of each grave. The area is grassed for ease of maintenance and mown at the Councils’ expense. No planting shall be allowed either within the grave space or any other area of the cemetery without the written permission of the Clerk to Melbourn Parish Council. Items such as granite flowerpots etc, are permitted but must be positioned at the head of the grave on the provided base area. The Council reserves the right to relocate or remove the same if not in the correct position. The Council will not undertake to keep clean or maintain memorials; this shall be the responsibility of the owner. No headstone base to be longer than the cemetery bases and must be positioned so no overhang occurs. This also applies to cremation bases. See 6a and 6b for dimensions.
  12. Grave spaces are laid out with the headstones facing generally east or west, the owner of the Exclusive Right to Burial may choose either if they have a preference.
  13. The scattering or burial of cremated remains without the consent of the Melbourn Parish Council is strictly forbidden and liable to prosecution.
  14. Any floral tributes, messages, tags or similar items laid on the grave at the time of the burial should be removed within 30 days of the burial, they are the sole responsibility of the deceased relatives or their representatives and Melbourn Parish Council cannot be held responsible for the loss or removal of these items. In the event that items have not been removed prior to seeding/turfing the area, these will be moved by the Parish Council. This paragraph to be read in conjunction with 1i.
  15. Melbourn Parish Council will inspect graves after approximately 12 months to ensure that the soil mound has settled to allow for the area to be seeded/turfed. The soil mound shall only be added to or removed by Parish Council employees

Please be aware that the cemetery is an open area and subject to the elements and wild life which the Parish Council have no control over.

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