5. Definitions
Any permitted item other than the headstone must not be positioned as to overlap the size of the base to which the headstone is fastened, i.e. must not overlap onto any grassed area.
Concrete base. Parish Council supplied and installed base for the fastening of memorial or headstone components to.
Headstone base – The horizontal base stone covering the concrete base for fixing the headstone, Memorial or tablet to.
Headstone -The main vertical engraved component fastened to the headstone base
Memorial / tablet.– To be of stone, marble or similar material, bearing a commemorative design or inscription. This is to be securely fastened to the headstone base.
Vases / flower containers – Can be of china, porcelain, pottery or similar non plastic material.
Photographic Representation. РOnly ceramic photo plaques of maximum size 125mmx180mm, contained  within a metal frame and fixed by metal fastening and adhesive to the headstone or tablet will be permitted following approval of a written submission of the design to the Clerk. No other form of photographic memorial is permitted.

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