3          Conduct.
a. All visitors shall conduct themselves in an orderly and quiet manner at all times.
b. No person showing signs of alcohol or drug excess will be allowed in the cemetery.
c. Melbourn Parish Council reserves the right to eject or have ejected any person or persons considered by the Council or the Clerk to the Council to be acting or behaving in an improper or offensive manner.
d. Under the provisions of the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 it is an offence for a person to wilfully:-

  •  Create any disturbance in a cemetery.
  • Commit any nuisance in a cemetery.
  • Interfere with any grave, tombstone or cremated remains base or other memorial or any flowers or plants in any such manner.
  • Play any game or sport in a cemetery.
  • Enter or remain in the cemetery when it is closed to the public unless authorised by the Council to do so.

Persons who contravene these provisions shall be liable, upon conviction, to a fine not exceeding £100.
e. Dogs must be kept under control and on leads at all times when walking through the Cemetery
f. No alcohol may be consumed within the Cemetery.
g. No smoking allowed within the Cemetery.
h. No religious services or demonstrations of any kind other than the service previously authorised for the burial or interment at the time, may be held without the prior permission of the Clerk to the Council.
i. Authorised vehicles may only use the correct roadways and must park in car park area. 10mph is the maximum permitted speed within the Cemetery.

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