6. Burials and Interments

a. The plot size for a grave shall be a maximum of : 2440mm (8ft) x 760mm (2ft 6in), depths to comply with sections 6.i. and/or 6.j. (This excludes the headstone base dimensions).  The pre-laid concrete base size for the headstone base and headstone is 915mm (3ft) wide x 460mm (1ft 6in). The grave headstone base may be between 75mm – 100mm (3”-4”) thick but must not exceed 915mm wide and 460mm deep. The total height of the headstone base and headstone together must not to exceed 940mm measured from the concrete base. (see also 1j-i)
b. In the case of the burial of a stillborn infant, a half plot will be allocated.  If, in the future, other family members are to be interred in the same plot, a full plot will be allocated for the initial interment.
c. The headstone base size for cremated remains shall be a maximum of : 460mm (1ft 6in) x 460mm (1ft 6in) and the total height from the concrete base shall not exceed 760mm (2ft 6in)
d. Interments may take place at the Cemetery upon payment of the ordinary fees to the Funeral Director who shall be responsible for notifying the Clerk to Melbourn Parish Council.
e. No funeral or interment shall take place after noon on Saturdays or at any time on Sundays or Bank Holidays except in the case where religious beliefs require it, or upon receipt of a certificate from a Coroner or registered medical practitioner stating that an immediate burial or interment is necessary.
f. All graves or interment plots are to be excavated by persons appointed by the officiating Undertakers or persons appointed by them.
g. Any person or persons excavating or filling grave or interment plots or carrying out any other work within the cemetery shall use such means as Melbourn Parish Council may direct for the preservation of the grass and pathways during the progress of the works.
h. Any person(s) carrying out excavation work within the cemetery shall deposit surplus soil in a tidy manner in the area specifically allocated for such material.
i. With the exception of the work carried out in regulation 6.g. any person(s) carrying out work within the Cemetery shall, upon completion of the work, remove from the Cemetery all materials not used and/or any waste materials and shall be responsible for the cost of repairing any damaged caused during the execution of those works.
j. No body shall be buried in a grave in such manner that any part of the coffin is less than 1000 mm below the level of the ground adjoining the grave except at the discretion of the Clerk to the Council.
k. No body shall be buried in a grave unless the coffin is effectively separated from any coffin previously interred in the grave by means of a compact layer of earth not less than 150 mm in thickness.
l. All coffined burials must take place in coffins of a material and design approved by the Clerk to the Council. Metal caskets, caskets which contain glass or cardboard coffins are permitted at the discretion of the Clerk to the Council.
m. Coffins manufactured abroad may be accepted for interment at the discretion of the Clerk.
n. Un-coffined burials may take place provided a body is properly shrouded, death has not been due to a notifiable or infectious disease and it is for a single interment or as a last interment in a multiple grave.
o. Shrouded bodies will only be accepted for direct to grave burials.
p. Interment in a grave with the coffin lid removed shall not be permitted.
q. No coffin or part of a coffin shall be removed from the Cemetery without the prior and express permission of Melbourn Parish Council.
r.i   All coffins and shrouds must be marked with a non-perishable plaque or nameplate or by other means as shall be approved by Melbourn Parish Council, showing the name, age and date of death of the deceased.
ii           In the case of a stillborn child, no age shall be recorded.
iii          Where two bodies are interred in one coffin then both names shall be marked.
s. No body shall be removed from the Cemetery for any purpose whatsoever except on the order of a Coroner, Court of Summary Jurisdiction or a Chief Constable.
t. No body or cremated remains shall be exhumed without the consent of the Secretary of State for Home Affairs and/or the Faculty of the Bishop of the Diocese.
u. Only the remains of persons buried or interred in New Road Cemetery shall be allowed to be scattered in the cemetery. The scattering of ashes will be permitted in specific areas of the cemetery following written permission from the Clerk to Melbourn Parish Council. The areas are specified and may be seen at the Parish Office.

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