Arrangements for a Burial

4. Arrangements for a Burial
Will funeral directors please ensure the rules specified under 1. General  have been complied with before commencement of any burial arrangements.
a. Except in cases where religious beliefs require otherwise or in cases of death from epidemic or epidemic disease upon medical certification, three clear days notification, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays, must be given to the Clerk to Melbourn Parish Council for an interment in an earthen grave or the burial of cremation ashes within the New Road Cemetery.
b. Reservations for burial services may be made by telephone during office hours, in writing or by email, the reservation applicant must be a relative of the deceased or an authorised funeral director. Reservations will be regarded as provisional until the formal notice required by paragraphs 4.c or 4.d has been received.
c. Notice of burial is given when all forms and certificates required to fulfil statutory requirements and those required by Melbourn Parish Council, are received by the Clerk to the Council no later than three full PC working days before the proposed date of the funeral.
d. For the burial of a stillborn child a Certificate in accordance with the Births & Deaths Registration Act 1953 must be delivered to the Clerk to the Council.
e. Multiple burials in the same grave may be pre-purchased at the time of the first burial and must be made at the time of 4.b. and 4.c.
f. In the case of a multiple burial requested per 4.b, the person(s) or Funeral Director responsible for making the request must ensure the allocated plot is appropriate.
g. Melbourn Parish Council shall not accept responsibility for any delay or misunderstanding which may occur if instructions are given verbally, electronically or by telephone. Neither shall the Council accept responsibility for any documents lost or delayed by the Post Office, Royal Mail or similar delivery agency.
h. Documents sent by fax or e-mail will only be accepted as temporary notifications and must be confirmed by the submission of the originals at the soonest opportunity.
i. If the Registrar’s Certificate for Disposal or the Coroner’s Order is mislaid or lost, a declaration to the satisfaction of the Clerk must be made by the person procuring the disposal of the body. The original certificate or a duplicate copy issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths or the Coroner must be submitted as soon as possible after the signing the declaration.
j. Responsibility for making the necessary arrangements for the attendance of priests, ministers or other persons to officiate at a service rests with the Funeral Director or the person or persons arranging the funeral.
k. The Funeral Director or person(s) arranging the funeral is fully responsible for arranging the excavation of the allocated grave or plot for the internment of ashes. They shall also be responsible for ensuring the correct alignment and dimensions are complied with, (see 5.i and 5.j)
l. The Funeral Director or person(s) arranging the funeral shall be responsible for ensuring there are sufficient bearers to convey the coffin with due reverence from the hearse to the plot.
m. Any person acting as a bearer during an interment does so at their own risk and Melbourn Parish Council accept no responsibility for any accident or injury to a bearer howsoever incurred.
n. Only one funeral or interment will be allowed in the Cemetery at any one time unless prior permission has been obtained from the Clerk to the Council.
o. No coffin or ash container shall be opened in the Cemetery for any reason whatsoever.
p. All fees and charges due must be paid to the Clerk to Melbourn Parish council within three days of the interment and upon application in the case of headstones and memorials.
p. The fees charged by Melbourn Parish Council include everything connected with the allocation and maintenance of said plot but exclude headstones, memorials or other items provided by other parties. No person employed by or on behalf of Melbourn Parish Council is allowed to receive any form of gratuity.
r. Melbourn Parish Council reserve the right to refuse, delay or cancel any interment or burial where, in its’ opinion, ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial is disputed.
s. The location of any non-private grave shall be determined by the Clerk to the Council

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