Agreement form

  1. General (continued)

a. All new and re-opened graves will be inspected at 3, 6 and 12 month after an interment. If ground subsidence has occurred the grave will be topped up by the Council or their authorised representative, at no cost to the Grant holder.
b. After final settlement and inspection the grave will be either turfed or seeded dependent on the season. (Any items or plantings on the lawned area must be removed prior to this, the Parish Council will issue a request for their removal and proceed to remove any items should this is not done within 2 weeks).

A signed agreement of acceptance of these rules and regulations by the owners of the grave or internment plot must be submitted to the Clerk to Melbourn Parish Council or the officiating funeral director before the event can be authorised.

Melbourn Parish Council

Burial Interment Terms of agreement

Reference Plot No: __________________________________

I/we the undersigned accept the conditions of the Rules and Regulations governing New Road Cemetery.

Signed: ______________________________________________

Position: _____________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________

This agreement must be signed before permission for Exclusive Right to Burial can be issued.

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