Meeting Agendas 2020/2021

All Parish Council agendas are placed on the Council website as PDFs and can be downloaded or viewed through your web browser.
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Parish Council Meeting 22 February 2021

PC101 20c) Grant of Dispensations Cllrs Travis and Kilmurray
PC103 20 Parish Council Minutes 11 January 2021_draft
PC106 20a) Project Strategy and Tender Decision Document
PC106 20a) Ashton Renovations FULL TENDER
PC106 20a) BK Sargeant FULL TENDER
PC106 20a) Brownstone FULL TENDER
PC106 20a) CB Groundworks GROUNDWORKS
PC106 20a) Ashton Renovations GROUNDWORKS
PC106 20a) BK Sargeant GROUNDWORKS
PC106 20a) Brownstone GROUNDWORKS
PC106 20a) Jordan and Sons GROUNDWORK
PC106 20a) Rowan Groundworks GROUNDWORKS
PC106 20a) Royston Scaffolding SCAFFOLDING
PC106 20a) Ashton Renovations SCAFFOLDING
PC106 20a) BK Sargeant SCAFFOLDING
PC106 20a) Brownstone SCAFFOLDING
PC016 20a) Prime TIMBER PANELS
PC106 20a) Brownstone TIMBER PANELS
PC106 20a) Norburys materials quotation
PC106 20a) Mick George MATERIALS
PC106 20A Ridgeons MATERIALS
PC106 20a Mick George MUCK AWAY
PC106 20a) Ashtons PLUMBING
PC106 20a) Brownstone PLUMBING
PC106 20a) H20 PLUMBING
PC106 20a) Structural Engineers Cambridge Ltd Invoice #20640 (1)
PC106 20b) Remote decision re gas pipeline
PC107 20f) Document 5.11 Melbourn Parish Council Employee Appraisal Policy V2 Feb 2021
PC108 20a) Financial Comparison 31 Jan 2021
PC108 20b) Approvals List 22Feb2021
PC108 20c) Melbourn Dynamos annual payment
PC108 20d) Airway Quotation_ Q1902-1 _ Melbourn Community Centre
PC108 20d) Cambridge Air conditioning service quote EST0107(1)
PC108 20e) and f) Maintenance expenditure Hub
PC108 20e) H20 Quote for underfloor heating repair
PC108 20e) Phil Deards quote for underfloor heating repairs
PC109 20a) Review of Effectiveness of Internal Controls 10Feb2021
PC109 20b) letter and report to Melbourn mid year 2020-21(3)
PC109 20c) Standardising Salary Payments report
PC109 20d) Canalbs Internal Auditor
PC109 20e) Remote decision re speed bumps on New Road
PC109 20f) Melbourn Parish Council Feb 21
PC111 20a) TB report Feb 2021





Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council Meeting 11 January 2021
Parish Council Meeting 23 November 2020.docx
Parish Council Meeting 26 October 2020
Parish Council Meeting 28 September 2020
Parish Council Meeting 27 July 2020
Annual Parish Council Meeting 15 June 2020


Planning Committee Meetings

Planning Agenda 8 February 2021
Planning Agenda 25 January 2021
Planning Agenda 14 December 2020
Planning Agenda 9 November 2020
Planning Agenda 12 October 2020
Planning Agenda -14 September 2020
Planning Agenda – 10 August 2020
Planning Agenda – 13 July 2020


Finance & Good Governance Committee Meetings

Finance and Good Governance Committee Meeting 21 December 2020
Finance and Good Governance Committee Meeting – 21 Sept 2020
Finance and Good Governance Committee Meeting -22 June 2020


Maintenance Committee Meetings

Maintenance Committee Agenda 18 February 2021
Maintenance Committee Agenda 21 January 2021
Maintenance Agenda 19 November 2020
Maintenance Agenda 22 October 2020
Maintenance Agenda 24 September 2020
Maintenance Agenda – 20 August 2020
Maintenance Agenda – 23 July 2020


MAYD Joint Committee Meetings

MAYD – Agenda 13 January 2021
MAYD – Agenda 7 October 2020
MAYD – Agenda – 8 July 2020 

Minutes and Agenda are available from the Clerk, approximately 3 days prior to the next meeting. They are available on the website and can be viewed on the notice board at The Cross.

Disclaimer: Melbourn Parish Council minutes and archived minutes are only intended to be for general information to the public.

The most recent Parish Minutes are published on this site, and are provided in draft format and await to be ratified at the next meeting for clarification and accuracy. Once signed by the Council and if any alterations are made, then they are considered to be definitive. In all cases the minutes documented on the Parish Council website are to be considered for general information only in the public domain.