7        Memorials (Also refer to: 8 Definitions)

a.      No headstone, memorial or tablet of any kind shall be allowed in any part of the cemetery without the prior consent of Melbourn Parish Council

b.      The grave headstone base may be between 75mm – 100mm (3”-4”) thick but must not exceed 915mm (3ft) wide and 460mm (1ft 6in) deep. The total height of the headstone base and headstone together must not to exceed 940mm (3ft 1in) measured from the concrete base. (see also 1j-i)

c.      The headstone base size for cremated remains shall be a maximum of : 560mm (1ft 10in) wide x 460mm (1ft 6in) deep and the total height from the concrete base shall not exceed 760mm (2ft 6in). Applications for memorials measuring up to 585mm (1ft 11in) wide will be considered at the discretion of the Clerk.

d.      No vaults, railings, kerbstones or other enclosures shall be permitted.

e.      No headstone, memorial, tablet or photographic representation on any grave shall be allowed unless Exclusive Right of Burial has been granted and it has received the prior approval of Melbourn Parish Council. This must be at least 14 days before installation.

f.       Melbourn Parish Council shall accept no responsibility for making good any damage caused to any headstone or memorial through natural wear and tear, severe weather conditions or any other cause or circumstance over which it has no control.

g.      No headstone or memorial shall be erected until at least six calendar months from the burial or interment date have passed.

h.      At least 14 days prior to the erection of any headstone or tablet for placement on either grave or cremation plot, a drawing with the proposed inscription must be submitted to the Clerk to the Council for the approval of Melbourn Parish Council. The type of material(s) to be used shall be stated together with exact dimensions and other details relevant to its appearance.

i.        Any monument, memorial, tablet, photographic representation, container, shrub, plant or item whatsoever erected or placed in the Cemetery in contravention of these regulations may be removed by Melbourn Parish Council at any time without prior notice.

j.        All headstones shall be inscribed with the plot row and number to which they relate.

k.      The removal or re-fixing of headstones, headstone bases and any other work connected therewith shall only be carried out with the authority of Melbourn Parish Council.

l.        Any person carrying out such work shall use such means as directed by the Clerk to the Council in order to protect the grass and pathways during the process of the work. No work allowed to be carried out on the roadways, pathways or grassed areas.

m.     All dressing or working of stone or other materials to be used on any plot shall be undertaken outside the Cemetery except where such work cannot be carried out elsewhere.

n.      All persons shall, upon completion of the work, clear away any unused materials and rubbish left on the site of the works to the satisfaction of Melbourn Parish Council and shall be responsible for the cost of repair of any damage done in the process of carrying out the work.

o.      The owner of a headstone, tablet or memorial shall, after erection, be responsible for upkeep, repair and maintenance of it.

p.      No headstone, tablet or memorial shall be altered or interfered with after it has been erected in the Cemetery in accordance with the designs submitted to and approved by Melbourn Parish Council.

q.      No inscription may be cut, alteration made nor work of any kind undertaken to any headstone or memorial within the Cemetery without the prior written permission of the Clerk to the Council from an official request by the owner.

r.       No headstone, tablet or memorial shall be removed from the Cemetery for the purpose of cutting, adding or altering the inscription until written approval from Melbourn Parish Council has been obtained.

s.      The name of the stonemason must be discreetly inscribed in an appropriate place on the memorial, no contact details are permissible.

t.       Hardwood crosses of timber obtained from sustainable forest sources may be erected in place of a headstone or tablet. A cross may not exceed 750mm (2ft 6in) in height, 500mm (1ft 8in) in width and 100mm (4in) in thickness. They must be set in a stone or similar material slab anchored to and covering the provided base.

u.      A memorial removed for the purpose of further interment must be removed from the Cemetery. Any memorial left may be disposed of by the Council.

v.      Every grave in respect of which an Exclusive Right of Burial has been granted and any memorial thereon must be kept in good repair by the owner. Notice to have repairs executed will be sent to the owner where contact details are known. In cases where the name and/or address of the owner is not known, a notice shall be deemed to be properly served if placed upon the grave space, headstone or memorial for a period of eight weeks.

w.      If the necessary repairs as described in 7.v are not carried out within six months of the date of the Notice, then the memorial may be removed and disposed of by the Council.

x.      No lights or lamps of any description, no ornaments, photos or images (See also: 8), souvenirs, flags, toys or mementos are permitted. Melbourn Parish Council reserve the right to remove any item deemed to be contrary to this regulation without prior notice.

y.      Memorials in the form of donated seats, trees and shrubs will only be permitted at the discretion of the Clerk to the Council. Such permitted items become the responsibility and property of the Parish Council. The Parish Council shall retain the right to determine the location of these items.

z.       Melbourn Parish Council shall remain responsible for Health and Safety within the Cemetery. Regular inspections will be carried out by qualified personnel, any memorial or headstone found to be unsafe shall be made safe temporarily in order to prevent possible injury. Where possible the owner of the memorial deemed unsafe shall be contacted and requested to appoint a qualified person to carry out the repair. Therefore it is important that owners of memorials inform the Clerk to the Council of any change of address.