Council Agenda

All Parish Council minutes are placed on the Council website as PDFs and can be downloaded or viewed through your web browser.
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Melbourn Parish Council meetings
Parish Council Meeting 23 April 2018

PC222 17 Parish Council Meeting minutes 26 March 2018A
PC227 17 Clerks Report 23 April 2018
PC 229 17 Finance Report 31stMar2018
PC231 17 Draft Calendar of Meetings 2018_2019
PC 232 17 Metal Detecting Permission Form
PC 233 17 Proposal to change Web hosting away from Wesh_16_04_18
PC234 17a) JKH Memorial base prices
PC234 17b) Quote Taylor and Turner installing memorial bases
PC234 17b) Quote Ashton Renovations installing memorial bases
PC234 17c) Revised Burial Charges
PC235 17 GDPR and Data Protection Officer LCPAS
PC235 17 GDPR and Data Protection Officer CAPALC

Minutes and Agenda are available from the Clerk, approximately 3 days prior to the next meeting. They are available on the website and can be viewed on the notice board at The Cross.

Disclaimer: Melbourn Parish Council minutes and archived minutes are only intended to be for general information to the public.

The most recent Parish Minutes are published on this site, and are provided in draft format and await to be ratified at the next meeting for clarification and accuracy. Once signed by the Council and if any alterations are made, then they are considered to be definitive. In all cases the minutes documented on the Parish Council website are to be considered for general information only in the public domain.